Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, as you can see, it was quite a bit cooler up in Liberty. Gina and Emily spent the day today building a snowman. Just kidding! This is but one of a thousand pictures that we have of us at our old house there.

We spent the week packing up and loading up. We hired three professional packers for 3 hours (which turned into 4), and they did a fabulous job. Every spare inch of the truck was filled. At the end, we had a few pieces left over. We gave away some things, sold a couple of things, and took some "stuff" over to a garage sale. We both thought that it would be a good thing for us to comb through what we had and make sure that we had as much of a "travel light" mentality that we could. Have some nice pieces but not accumulate a ton of "stuff."

We were blessed to have Peter, Kevin, Matt, Roger, Judy, Briz, Tim H., and Tom help us with the move. We spent last night with Matt and Jen, and our girls (they have three) all got to play together. Gina and Emily saw many of their friends as mom and dad packed. I was disappointed that the Starbucks group wasn't meeting on Tuesday (John had to work late and had to cancel). But I was able to have dinner with Kevin and Faith on Tuesday, followed by dessert with Mike and Terri, lunch with Roger, Judy, and Dennis on Wednesday, dinner with John and Lori on Wednesday, and dessert with the after church crowd on Wednesday. Hey, you have to eat, and we used this time as much as we could. The rest of the time was spent packing.

We signed our final closing papers on Thursday, but kept possession until Friday at 5:00 PM. I spent the last two hours labeling, diagramming, and explaining the audio-visual-interent-equipment for the new owner. Without this, she would have little chance to be able to figure the system out. But if she calls a Best Buy Geek squad or home theater expert out, they can use what I have written up to help her.

We left a welcome basket, card, and information about the church in Liberty, inviting her to attend. We are going to ask some of our friends in the church there to follow up with this, giving her a personal invite. You never know when something like this might reach someone.

There are things that cannot be found much in Texas, like snow, and the friends that we have in Liberty. But we are blessed now to have great friendships that we are developing in McKinney. As Becki and I talked on the way home, we thought about all of the wonderful and interesting people that we now know in McKinney that we would never have known if we had stayed in Liberty all of our lives. Our lives are richer and fuller for expanding our circle of friends and loved ones.

We are now in Edmond, OK, spending the night in the house of another family friend of ours. We'll leave in the morning and head back to McKinney. On Monday, we'll be moving into our new home in McKinney. A chapter in our life has closed, and a new one is continuing to open and grow.

How many different places have you lived in your adult life? Did you like moving or not?


JB said...

My friend, it snows in McKinney. So it may only be once a year and doesn't stick over night...but it's enough to shut the city down.

I have only lived 2 places in my adult life. But I'm glad Lisa and I had the opportunity to move to TX. Like you said, think of the people you got to meet and the experiences you never would have had if you had only stayed in one place.

Kevin M said...

I've lived in 5 different states and counting college have moved many many more times than that. Through it all I've always liked the process of moving. It's lot's of hard work but there's something that gets me excited about trying new things and seeing new places. I've learned so much by being in different parts of the country. America is not yet the homogenous place Applebees, chili's, and Outback would like us to think.

Also, I would never have had reinvigorated my faith or had my wonderful wife and kids without taking a chance to move to TX. To paraphrase the song God truly does bless Texas for me.

My favorite quote on moving came from my grandfather who said "Three moves is equal to a burn out". Sometimes it only takes one move to get rid of enough stuff to feel like you are starting over.

I'm glad you and the family are staying safe on the move and we are looking forward to helping you guys get settled into your new house. If you need ANYTHING once you get back let Meriann and I know and we will be happy to help.


James said...


I've seen Texas shut down for a half inch of snow. I am glad you guys moved here too. We and the church are blessed by your presence.

James said...


You are so right in your characterization of suburbia. Applebee's, Chili's. etc. are decent. Their appeal comes from their consistency. You know what you will get no matter which one you go to. They are "safe" choices. This emphasis upon safety is one of the major selling points of suburbia.

Unfortunately, in exchange for safety and consistency, we receive predictability and a limited experience. And we might be missing out on something better.

Thank you for you offer to help! We are telling people who want to help with the move to be at the new house at 6:30 or 7:00ish.

Be careful--next thing you'll be driving us to the airport! (Seinfeld reference, there)