Monday, July 21, 2008

We're moving in today to a great house with a great deal!

Today is the day! We closed on our new house here in McKinney around noon today. We got a great deal on a great house--an open floor plan, lots of space and design for entertaining, and only about $65 a square foot. We can thank the Milstead team (with Keller Williams) and our agent Barb Chermack for finding us this deal. We also had a lot of "sweat equity" in our house in Liberty. Finishing out that 1000 square feet in our basement in style really paid off. And I learned how to do a lot of different things, from framing to electrical work to wiring. I'm still pretty clueless about plumbing, however. It's a good thing we know some people who do this well.

We are excited to finally be in a place. Four months is a long time without a home of our own. A huge thanks to John and Sharon for letting us stay in their home this whole time. We closed the day they returned. And the street number is 3201--the same street number as the church. Interesting!

For those who are helping us to move in tonight, thank you! We've asked people to arrive tonight around 6:30-7:00ish.

We are looking forward to many times of having the church, our friends, and our neighbors over. See you here soon!


JB said...

congrats on the new home. Sorry I was out of town and could not help you move. Hope your time there is a blessing to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

That is great James. I am very happy for your family.

Chris Vilches said...

Welcome New Neighbors! Our family is so excited that you have moved to our "neck of the woods"!! :D Congratulations on that great deal!
Love in Christ, The Vilches Family

James said...

Thanks to our anonymous friend and to the Vilches family. We are glad to be in.

Anonymous said...

We are very happy for you in your new home. Hopefully at some point in the future there will be an occasion to be in the Dallas area and will be able to pay a personal visit. God bless you in your new home.