Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're moved in--now, to the media room!

We had a great crew come over on Monday and help us move in (I'll post the picture soon). Thank you to those involved! We spent yesterday unpacking. Then the electricity went out across several neighborhoods for 3 hours. We had scheduled a Bible study, but our garage door was open when the electricity went out, so we had to reschedule.

Becki went to the kitchen and girls' bedrooms in unpacking. I went for the sound equipment. One of our friends came by and said, How did I know that you would be holding some speaker wire when I came by? She said this because her husband does the same thing when they move. It is a guy thing. And with women, it is a kitchen thing. The sound in the media room is pretty rockin'! Can't wait to have the guys over to play pool and watch a very loud action movie.

We met some of our neighbors. They were very friendly, with lots of kids. And nt only will the house be great for having people over, it is very centrally located. With high gas prices and a spread out church, this will be great.

We had James and Darlene and Al drop by to see us the last two days. They both live very close by. We are planning on starting a neighborhood, geographic small group soon. It is so much easier to invite a neighbor across the street to a barbeque than it is to invite them 30 minutes away to another house.

We have much to do and catch up with. We had planned on going to Colorado next week to see Becki's mother, but we will have to do that a few weeks later. We are so glad to be in our new home!

Have you ever been part of a neighborhood or geographic small group?


Kirk said...

I can confirm that the sound system does rock. I didn't know that when "The One Ring" hits the floor the floor actually shakes.

BTW, I can show you how to close thee garage door when the power is out.

James said...

Thanks, Kirk! Glad to have you test out the system.