Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Tolerant is Jesus?

Last night I spoke at the Waterview Church of Christ for their summer series. I attended Waterview when I was very young, and our family still has many friends there. The church was very kind and welcoming to me last night.

I was given an interesting topic to speak on--How Tolerant is Jesus? It is a topic worthy of discussion and particularly relevant in a fast changing world.

And so I ask you, how tolerant is Jesus?


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Daniel said...
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Rev K L Maines said...

A very interesting question. Jesus was kind and compassionate, but He also stood up for justice and stood against a sinful life and sinful thinking. If we want to know more about Jesus and what He stands for , read the Gospels, starting with John.

Winkie Bear said...

What about this: He was tolerant to the point to death? Is that possible? Sounds crazy so I had to look further.

I looked in my dictionary and here is what it says for the word 'Tolerate'.

1. To allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.
2. to endure without repugnance; put up with:

So yeah...Christ was tolerant to the point of death. All the way.

Winkie Bear said...

Let me add that He tolerates to death because He gives us the freedom to choose Life. I didn't want to leave a cliff hanger! :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus said "if they are not against us, they are for us". That is fairly tolerant.

Allan J. said...

I was at Waterview when you gave your presentation.

I really liked the points you presented and felt that they were thought-provoking (at least to me).

I would like to share them with family and friends. Waterview ( has the audio on their website.

Is there any way to "publish/post" the Powerpoint presentation?

Thanx and congrats for a job well done.

Mr. E said...

Tolerant enough not to have killed us all by now. Jesus was tolerant with ignorance and He did His best to teach people the truth. Yet Jesus was not tolerant with pure disobedience or stupidity. He knew when to be patient and when to act out of righteousness.

See ya, family and I will be visiting High Pointe again this Sunday.

James said...

Hi Allan. I emailed the powerpoint presentation to you this evening. Hope this helps!

I'm glad that the message resonated with you. Spread the word!

James said...


One of the weekly practices that I encourage is a reading of the gospels. We need to study the life of Jesus over and over again. Thanks for contributing.

James said...

Mr. E.,

You give a good balance here on tolerance. Hope to see you on Sunday!

James said...

Winkie Bear,

I too looked up the definition of tolerance and found the same ones as you. It is important to define this term in a discussion.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when we think about being tolerant it gets confused with being lenient. Jesus was tolerant in that He was willing to give Himself in our place when it was us who deserved to die. But He told it like it was when it came to sin. He loved the sinner and hated the sin. We should strive to do the same.