Saturday, July 12, 2008

We're going back to Liberty

On Monday we will be heading back to Liberty. No, not permanently. But to pack up and close on our house. We hope to see as many of our friends there as possible.

Because our house still had not sold and we still had most of our things up there, in many ways we still had things open up there. This week I have been thinking about packing up our house, pulling out, and handing over the keys of our house to someone else. The house where we shared so many memories with our family, with our neighbors, and with our dear church friends. I think of the many life groups that we hosted. Of Sean and Bridget, our neighbors, and the many times we got together with them and their kids. Of John and Lori coming over and watching a movie or ball game. Of our many Christmas parties with our band members, Steve, Roger, John, and Robert. Of the basement that I finished out exactly as I dreamed, high tech and all. Of Kim and David coming over and helping us paint the basement. Of Gina and Emily running around the house. Of the last day when Judy and Dennis came to tell me good-bye at the kitchen table. Of Becki and I moving in the first time into our newly built home, and the joy we shared with each other there for 5+ years.

In a lot of ways, I was happy to try to rent the house out, to hold onto the house that we shared so many memories in and that we labored on. But we are selling it, closing on Friday. In many ways, this will be difficult and another emotional goodbye.

To our friends in Liberty, we are looking forward to seeing you! We will arrive Monday evening--maybe for the "Summer of Serving," and we will definitely be at the Wednesday evening service. On Thursday we are packing up the moving truck. We would welcome any help during the day or that evening. We will close on Friday, and pull out later that day.

For any of our friends who would like to see us, email us at and we'll give you our cell numbers. We'll also keep in contact with Judy at the church office. We love you guys! Looking forward to seeing you.

James and Becki