Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My encounter with a stranger--was God speaking to me?

On Tuesday, right before I left work, a man came in needing help with gas. He had a job, but needed needed some help. With gas at nearly $4 per gallon, I'm sure that those who need help with this will only increase.

So we went out to the gas station and I pumped gas for him. As we talked, he asked me how long I had been at the church. I told him a couple of months. Then he said that he felt that the Lord was giving him a prophetic word, and said, "Transitions are hard. But stay with it. You are going to bring a focus at this church that they have never seen before. Don't give up."

On Sunday I had spoken about how if we pray for God to bring people into our lives whom we can show hospitality, that he would respond, and this interaction would bring us blessing. Coincidence? or Godincidence?

Do you think that God speaks to people in this way today? Do you think that strangers can be angels?


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! God uses all kinds of ways to speak to us and I believe that he led that man to encourage you just at the time that you needed it the most. GOD IS GREAT!

Mr. E said...

God can speak to us in any way he wants to. The Bible tells as we "entertain" strangers, we are often entertaining angels unaware of what we are doing.

Since angels are messengers from God, then absolutely God can use them to speak to us today.

What a cool story!

Anonymous said...


God sends us messages through others all the time. We have to decide to help or not help that show up in our lives.

James said...

Thanks, guys, for your feedback. This experience was a bit surreal. I can now better understand why Gideon asked for an additional sign to confirm the first one! :)

Cynthia said...

Yes, I belive that the Spirit leads people to say, or do, things to encourage us at just the right time.

There have several times in my life where things were unclear and I was needing some encouragement. God sent a person from Michigan in a t-shirt to a little off-the-beaten path gas station to bring me a hopeful message.

God is amazing and wonderful ... I think I have a tendency to try to keep Him in a box and when he does something outside of it, well... should I say that all hell breaks loose? (hehee)

James said...


Those gas station encounters can be pretty interesting. God works in many ways--we should be looking for this!

Chelf said...

Ever read SQuire Rushnell's God Winks books? I think you should. Coincidence is a fancy word for people without faith who encounter the providence of God.