Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our kids are a lot like us

Today I picked Gina up from school and took her home. As we drove home, she read one of her books the whole time. Then when I got home, Becki told me that Gina asked her earlier in the day, "Mom, if an intruder broke in, would it be okay to lie about where we were?"

Once again I thought, This child is a lot like me. I was reading and pondering the meaning of the universe and philosophical questionsat a young age, much like her. I started reading the Lord of the Rings at about age seven, the same age as Gina.

One of the reasons that we love our kids so much, I think, is that we see ourselves in them. A bit self-centered? Perhaps. But it also may be God's way of trying to get us to love something other than ourselves, in "baby steps."

What do our children teach us about God and about ourselves?