Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Reflections

On Sunday we had our send-off for two mission efforts--a Let's Start Talking going to St. Petersburg, and a Hispanic church plant for Collin County. In addition to highlighting these efforts, I was able to use the occasion to talk about sending and its relation to worship.

In the past, worship was seen as where evangelism took place. The whole concept of being sent and going where people are was lost. Rather than seeing worship as primarily being the place to directly convert people, we should see worship as being the a time in which we are commissioned to go out during the week and share Christ with others. (The assembly does play an important part in a person's conversion, but in a more indirect way.) The great commission was given in the context of worship of Jesus. Isaiah was sent when he encountered God on his throne.

At lunch, we went out with a great young couple that has recently been married. We had a good time, and Becki and I were able to share some of our young couple experiences. I was also able to invite them to study together, and they readily agreed. One grew up in our fellowship, and another grew up Catholic. It will be good to go through the Story of Redemption together with them. See

Then we went to the Hispanic Church Plant's opening worship service. It was a good turn out. The speaking was translated into English, and the songs were all in Spanish. Carlos, the church planter, had different people who had been reached prior to the worship launch of the church stand and be acknowledged. One was a man that he had met at Starbucks. Another was a neighbor. Another had been baptized, I believe. I was so glad to hear these stories.

That evening we went out to Dave and Jan's house for small group. They live in Prosper, and are seeking to begin 3-4 groups out there. The group had unanimously decided to study Spiritual gifts, a subject which I am passionate about and on which I had recently spoken. Those there all signed up to start their Strengths and Spiritual gifts assessments, which I am excited about. There is a lot of potential for these groups out there. I was encouraged to hear Dave clearly lay out a vision for serving their neighbors through these groups and inviting them into the group. Eventually there needs to be a church in Prosper, and these groups could form a good nucleus for this.

Well, it was a long full day, and I'm just now getting to writing about it. But a very good and productive day.


Anonymous said...


It was a wonderful day Sunday. We enjoyed the service at Plano. Check out Louie Gigilio and the Lominin on youtube. Have a good week.

Big Doofus said...

Shouldn't a worship service be for the believers? Surely we worship with our bodies in everything we do (i.e. our bodies are "living sacrifices") but there needs to be a time for the believers to gather together and worship--and there should be some order to this.

Can a worship service be a witness to non-believers? Certainly...and it leaves it solely in God's hands since we're not designing the service for seekers. I think that's what the NT worship services were all about. THEN, the church went out and reached the lost. There are some church services that God uses, in some capacity, to be a witness to the lost. This includes baptism and marriage. We SHOULD invite the lost to these occasions so they can see God at work.

Just my two cents. I haven't commented here in a while, but I still check in from time to time (even though I'm a complete stranger).