Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shepherds can help members discover their Spiritual gifts

Last night I had a great Strengths and Spiritual gifts session with one of our shepherds here and his wife. It was a great time as I got to learn more about them. Of course, as long time Christians and church leaders, much of this time was an affirmation of ways in which they are already serving. And yet, as with most all of these sessions, even for long time members, it seems that this time helped give a language to describe the ways that God had created them and the promptings of the Spirit which they felt in their lives. We found applications for using their gifts in their marriage, their jobs, and in the church. All of us can benefit from having someone lead us through something like this. In most marriage seminars I do not learn a lot of new things, but ask my wife if we still need to go!

I am excited that they are going to work as assessors, helping others go through the Strengths and Spiritual gifts assessments. These tools can help not only in outreach and ministry, but also in marriages and families. Ephesians 4:11 says that God gave some to be pastors/shepherds to equip God's people for service. I'm grateful that one of the shepherds here is taking up this ministry. My good shepherd and friend John in Liberty also was an assessor. It is an important role.

Do you think that there is a lack of equipping in the church? Why or why not?