Thursday, May 15, 2008

David Archuleta and Lessons from American Idol

Last night I came home after a meeting and watched the results of this week's American Idol. As expected, Syesha, the lone remaining woman in the contest, was voted off. While I was not much impressed with her in the first few weeks, she had really peaked in the last few weeks. This week, however, she only did good, not outstanding, and could not come close to competing with the two superstars in the show, David Cook and David Archuleta.

In the show, the producers showed scenes of each contestant in their home town. David Cook is from Kansas City, MO (actually Blue Springs, which is right by KC) where I lived for six years, and so that was interesting. This must be all over the news back there. While he had a great reception, David Archuleta was mobbed by thousands of teenage girls. It was like scenes from the Beatles coming off airplanes.

Archuleta has a crystal clear voice and a big teen fan base. But I think that most people like him because, well, he smiles a lot and seems to love life. One of Steven Covey's pieces of advice on winning people over is smiling.

I love life, and I love to laugh. Part of my "wooing" of Becki was making her laugh. But sometimes I can get in "work mode," and forget to smile.

As Christians, we have a lot to smile about. God has blessed us richly.

Do you like people who smile? Why do we like these kind of people?