Monday, June 02, 2008

My experience at OC's Quest Lectures

Last Thursday afternoon, Becki and I got into the car and headed off to Oklahoma City for OC's lectureship. The OC Lectures are now named "Quest," and they have a new format that includes some highly interactive sessions after each lecture. They are also offering specialized tracks throughout the year.

I am one of those helping with the Missional Church track. Last year I was on the Missional Church panel and helped facillitate, and this year I gave three presentations on the missional church. It seemed to be well received, with high attendance in the classes and good participation. I am encouraged that the missional movement has begun in the heart of Oklahoma, and that people are responding. A couple of years ago I had done some presentations on this concept with the staff of the Edmond Church of Christ, sponsored by my dear friend and mentor, Don Vinzant. One of the deacons from Edmond that was at the session said that the Edmond church had been seeking to go down the missional path for the last couple of years. It was great to hear that this was spreading beyond the top leadership there.

I also heard some great missional concepts in David Duncan's presentation. David, who was on staff at Edmond a couple of years ago, and who is now the preaching minister at the Memorial Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, gave a fabulous talk on serving the community. More on that later.

One of the things that was suggested that we cover next year in the missional church sessions was practical implications of the missional church. Mission's relationship to worship was also suggested as a topic. I am excited that people are looking forward to next year. I'm grateful to John Harrison and Don Vinzant, the co-directors of Quest, for their leadership in this area. Interactive formats are the way of the future, and may be able to help bring back the next generations. See

Do you like interactive formats, lecture formats, or a combination of both?


Anonymous said...

How long can an adult focus? Maybe 10-15 minutes. I prefer an interactive session. The speaker could present for 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes if he's really engaging (as you are James). Then, have people discuss some of the main topics in a round table format. I love round tables. If folks sit at them, they are going to visit a bit. Our company has a "table leader" at each table who leads the conversation. Each person gets involved in the process vs. an hour long lecture where people sit (and text or play on the blackberry maybe). Bottom line- breakout sessions with a leader are great, round tables spur discussion. That's my 5 cents.

Matt B

James said...

Round tables, huh? Next thing you'll be saying that a supper around a table ought to be the focus of our assemblies! :)