Monday, November 05, 2007

Spiritual Gifts Testimonials - The Gift of Wisdom

I am pretty excited right now about a project I have been working on. For the past two years or so, we have been promoting a Strengths and Spiritual gifts culture here at Liberty. We are encouraging people to discover these Strengths and Spiritual gifts, so that they can take ownership of them and serve God and his mission more fully. Our goal is also to help people to see that all of their lives are to be given up towards God.

For the past couple of months I have been going back and doing a more thorough biblical study and write-up of each Spiritual gift. And the last couple of weeks I began asking certain people who have a particular to share how they have used this gift so that others can see how to use this gift as well. This "testimonial" type of learning is powerful and effective, particularly in today's postmodern culture. There is nothing like this out there in the published world, so I am excited about creating a new, helpful tool for individuals and churches.
Below is a definition of one of the Spiritual gifts, the gift of Wisdom, and one member's testimony as to how she has used this gift.

Wisdom— This gift equips one to know how to apply knowledge or learning to a particular situation. An example of leading through wisdom is correctly choosing the right course of action (1 Kings 3:16-29).
Brandy M., College Student--"There are many people in my life, Christians and non-Christians, that come to me for advice when facing a difficult decision or time in their lives. I had a friend who needed advice about an abusive relationship she was in. I helped her look for a job, and get things straightened out so she could get back on her feet for her and her daughter.
I've always been there to listen, and I try to give the best Christian advice to them that I can. I try to live my life in a way that people my age with whom I interact can see that I'm a Christian. That can be very hard in this day and age to be a 20-something and have negative pressures and influences around you that comes with this age group. Having someone to relate to can make a huge difference.

It wasn't long ago when I graduated from high school, and thought I knew everything. I was trying to find out who I was, and I made a lot of bad calls. I think now I'm in a good spot in my life, and I've repaired a lot of damage with the help of God. Even though some of those things weren't good, I am glad I went through them, if it means that I can help someone else through them and maybe even show them Christ."
How do you like the testimonial format?


MattSmith said...

Growing up I was raised in a Mormon church. Every month, one sunday was set aside(last or first of the month, can't remember) and the members pretty much ran the show. People would go up, as inspired by the spirit, and would give their testimony of Christ, the Church, and life. It was a great tool for strengthening faith off of others. Lots of tissues were brought, as people would get really emotional.

There is nothing like seeing someone else pour themselves out and show their faith in something. It gets you thinking about your own faith, and how it can be strengthened.

James said...

Hi Matt. Yes, testimonials are important today. All members need to hear diverse voices of God's working amongst us, though these are particularly popular with young people.

You say these other stories "get you thinking about your own faith." Indeed, we learn about our own story with God by entering into the stories of others.

Thanks for sharing!