Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Gift of Faith Testimonial

I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful person named James from our church. James lived a life in his youth that was far away from God. He came down with a disease during this time that is terminal. He lives at home, with his mother, who takes care of him and loves him dearly.

About eight months ago, we got to know James and his family. His mother is not only taking care of him, but also raising four grandchildren by herself. One of the grandkids played on a basketball team with the son of one of our elders. This is also a family that we helped with our "Children's Outreach Ministry," which provides school supplies, meals, clothing, and gifts at holiday times. (see previous post) Through these contacts, we were able to have Bible studies with the whole family. All six of them--the grandmother, the mother, and the four grandchildren, went through The Story of Redemption and were baptized into Christ. Praise God! I continue to meet and study with the whole family each week, which is a blessing. They are now reaching out to others, both their neighbors and also the boyfriend of one of the grandchildren.

I asked James to write about his gift of Faith to share with others. Listen to his wonderful story.

James, 30s, single, African-American, Suffering from illness--"I believe that my faith has caused me to live this long. Thirty-seven years is a short time; however, I feel as if I’ve lived long enough to say that my faith has brought me thus this far. I will be quick to say that my life hasn’t been without sin, but thanks be to Jesus Christ and his ever forgiving heart, I found joy in my new life and Christian friends and a church.

Once upon a time I was very sick and in the hospital and the doctor said that I had less than six months to live. That was a year ago. Thank you Jesus Christ. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful mother like I have (who helps me through these times). I thank God for her and her perpetual lovingness."
Can you better understand this gift of Faith through James' eyes?