Monday, November 26, 2007

Just ask--many people are interested in God

One of the stories I didn't get a chance to tell yet involves my wife. We have had an older couple visiting with us for a couple of months who recently moved to this area. They had talked with a young, single mother who is one of their neighbors about coming and worshiping with us. So my wife, Becki, went to visit her with another woman from our church, a recent convert, Tracy.

Becki had only the name of the older couple as a point of connection with this young mother. But she is charming, and the mother was very friendly and receptive. It turns out that she has a nominal Catholic background, but isn't really sure what she believes. Tracy, the new convert, was able to talk about how she didn't really know what she believed either before studying with us. In fact, when she first came to worship with us, her child had pointed to me and asked, "Is that man God?" This young mother connected with this story.

Becki asked her if she would like to have a Bible study, and she said that she would. Amazing. Here is a visitor who talks with a neighbor who agrees to a Bible study from a first time visit. God is at work! People today are so starved spiritually, that they are much more interested in learning more about God. I hear from church planters that even things such as door knocking are becoming more effective again due to this hunger. Obviously, having some kind of relational connection is best. But this does not always have to be strong, as this story shows. Even just living in the same neighborhood may be enough of a commonality to make a connection with people and begin a study.

Please pray for Becki and I as we seek to follow up with this young mother, to study with her and to bless her life as much as we can. And don't forget to ask people that you know at work or in your neighborhood about God. They may be very interested, if we will only say something about our faith and engage them in conversation.

One great question to ask is, If you could ask God one question, what would it be?