Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Gift of Knowledge Testimonial

I had planned to post yesterday--a lot of great ministry things to share--but I ran out of time. Alas, Judy (our secretary) and I both bemoan the shortness of days. We have so much that we want to get done and do for the Lord. We both have that "Achiever" strength. I'll try to remember these things to post later today or later in the week.

Today I'm highlighting another gift, the gift of Knowledge. Here is the definition and two "testimonials" of how people have used this gift.

Knowledge— This gift equips one to discover and understand the Scriptures and biblical concepts that help people acknowledge God and follow his ways. An example of leading through knowledge would be having insight into some biblical truth (2 Tim. 2:7) and then sharing this insight with someone or living it out in one’s own life.


Danny, married, father of two young children--"The gift of Knowledge is certainly one of the gifts I enjoy using most. Research is one of my passions, especially when it comes to something I'm truly interested in. Recently I have enjoyed some success in the application of knowledge garnered from the Bible in the pursuit of a healthier way of living.

I turned to a book entitled What The Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, M.D. As the title suggested, it was packed with Scripture references that revealed what our Creator has to say about what foods we should put into our bodies. After researching these Scriptures I realized what I probably knew all along - that God knows what's best for our bodies. After all, he's the one who designed us. As Dr. Russell suggested in his book, I tried to apply three principles to help me when it comes time to decide what to eat. So what's the result of all my new found knowledge? Well, I've lost 15 pounds in about three weeks! I've also experienced a noticeable increase in energy."

Wilburta, Christian writer, married, mother of several grown children, elder’s wife--"As a writer one of my favorite activities is research, especially within the Bible. God’s fulfilled promises are extremely comforting to me. Being able to relate those to Christian friends who are in trouble or express doubts is a real blessing for them and for me.
Being able to sit down and teach someone who is basically biblically illiterate and watch them come to the realization that God planned the demonstration of his love for us from the very beginning is one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced.
I belong to numerous online discussion groups that cover many areas of interest. I often have opportunity to contribute quotes from Scripture and it amazes me how many people know of the godhead, but who have no clue who God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit truly are and what that means to them as an individual. Sharing my knowledge through my day-to-day relationships and through my writing is one of my primary goals as a Christian."

Do you have this gift or know someone who has this gift? Do these testimonials correspond with what you know of people with this gift?