Saturday, February 21, 2009

Six from Recovery Group Attended High Pointe Women's Retreat

My wife, Becki, returned today. She left yesterday afternoon to attend a women's retreat at our church. This left me with our two girls. We had a good time. They even got to sleep in a tent last night!

Becki came back and told me that (though she is not feeling very well) the women's retreat went great. In regards to outreach, 5 women from the Women United in Recovery group attended, as well as one of these ladies' mother. The Women United in Recovery group is a community-based group that was looking for a place to meet. One of our members had a daughter who was in this group, and asked us if we could help host the group. We said, "Sure!" and we opened up our church portable for this group for free. Check out the Women United in Recovery group info on the Missional Outreach Network.

The group was warmly received by the High Pointe women at the retreat. Two of the recovery women were pregnant, and so our women planned a surprise baby shower for these two ladies. They received about 30 or so gifts each. As church members, we would take this for granted. But these women were overwhelmed by this, very grateful, and just in shock at the generosity directed towards them. The mother told Becki, these women will never forget what was done for them today.

Prior to the retreat, Lori, the group's director, made this blog posting: "Looking forward to the Grace retreat! It will be nice to get away and meet some new women! I believe it is by the Grace of God that I am a recovered today. I want to thank everyone for helping make womens meeting happen! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful meeting room. I know that with Gods help and your prayers this meeting will continue to grow." Becki said that Lori was planning on worshiping with us tomorrow.

What an awesome story. It shows as well that when we serve others and show genuine love and care, this opens doors of opporunity to share Christ with others--the source of our love and care.
What do you think of this story? Have you been a part of or observed a recovery group that led to sharing Christ with people?