Monday, February 09, 2009

Jesus Nazareth wants to be your Facebook friend

In case you missed the Twitter post I made on this, check out the post Jesus is my (Facebook) Friend. There is someone on Facebook who has given themselves the name Jesus Nazareth. Which shows how easy it is to assume any identity online. I mean, I was almost fooled into thinking this really was Jesus of Nazareth. :)

Well, when Jesus Nazareth added the author as a friend, it said, “Jesus added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Jesus in order for you to be friends on Facebook.”

To anyone familiar with Facebook, this is pretty funny. It also brings up several good questions:
  • How are Facebook friends and real friends the same or different?
  • Do we really know Jesus? Are we really his friends?
  • Is our relationship with Jesus akin to a real friendship, or is it closer to a Facebook friendship?

What do you think of these questions?


Toodles said...

Well, I signed up as Jesus' friend. If for no other reason than to let the person who posted know that I wasn't ashamed to claim Jesus as my Savior and my friend. John 15:13-15. Jesus is talking to his disciples. Am I not a disciple if I know The Word and try to obey The Word?
Yes, it's funny, but it's also a testimony of my belief.
No, I haven't thrown any beads, posted any buttons, or written to Jesus. There's no need, because I talk to Him everyday, and He knows me.

James said...

Jo, thanks for sharing and for your perspective. I'm glad that you are Jesus' friend!