Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Harvest Sunday was a great success! Watch 3rd video

Harvest Sunday Video - Sharing the Good News from James Nored on Vimeo.

We had an incredible outpouring for Harvest Sunday. We're still doing some tallying, but it is safe to say that we met and beat our goal of $200,000 towards local and global outreach. Praise God! I am truly touched by our people's response.

On Sunday, we showed this third video, which goes through some different outreaches, including the women's booktalk outreach, the deaf ministry outreach, Friendspeak, and an inspiring conversion story. We also had representatives from our different outreach ministries come up front to give a visual representation to our congregation of these ministries. We had about 3 per ministry, with about 20 ministries, along with our elders. This made for over 70 people. We could have included more, but it would have taken too much space!

The incredible thing is that most of these local outreach ministries did not exist a year ago, and the ones that did needed to be revitalized. Our people have responded enthustiastically to our missional direction and outward focus, giving of their time, energy, and money. This is so encouraging to me!

What do you think of this video?