Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emily takes a turn driving

We are still on the road. I've been driving, but we decided to let Emily drive for a while.

-- Post From My iPhone


Christy Z said...

It's a good thing she has on her glare reducing sunglasses too so she can see the road better!

Hope you guys have a safe trip!

Vanessa Prindle said...

Are you guys going to be in Liberty this weekend????

James Nored said...

Yes, Christy. We believe in safe driving. :)

Vanessa, yes, we arrived tonight! I sent you an email message a short while ago with Becki's cell number. Hope to see you soon!

Barry E. Winders said...

James, I'm twittering now.

Check it out. I'm missionalpath

Anonymous said...

Can't see picture...... I hope Becki was driving.HAHA

James Nored said...

Hey Barry. Good to see you on Twitter. It's a pretty cooll technology.