Thursday, August 23, 2007

MTV/AP poll shows youth value family and God

MTV and the Associated Press recently did a poll of youth in the US and asked them about what made them happy. The results surprised a lot of people, because family, parents, and God ranked at the top of the lists. Note the following links to this news story, as well as some key quotes below.

"Nearly 1,300 young people aged 13 to 24 years old were interviewed in late April. When asked what one thing in life makes them the most happy, 20 percent said family, the top answer. Nearly three-quarters said their relationship with their parents also makes them happy, and most of the respondents listed their parents as their heroes."

"Two-thirds of respondents say religion and spirituality is important in their lives. And about a third go to church at least once a week. An overwhelming majority (87 percent) see marriage in their future, with 61 percent of those saying they are likely to stay married to the same person. Nearly 80 percent want to have children."

"The survey of the nation's young people found only 1% name money as the thing that gives them the most joy. Twenty percent name spending time with family, and 15% cited friends."