Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm praying for 30 baptisms this year

Let me tell you that I am excited about what God is doing this year in the Liberty church. We have had 17 baptisms so far this year, with 13 of these coming from the community. We have 5 more evangelistic studies going on right now, and other potential ones.

So I am being bold in my prayer life, and asking God to let us baptize 30 people this year. We have four more months. Here is my prayer:

"Lord, thank for all those that you have brought to us this year. You truly are at work! Before we open our mouths, you have already been touching people's hearts. You have also been moving the hearts of our members, to help us reach out to our circle of friends. And now, if I may be so bold, I ask that you help us to baptize 30 people this year. Lord, we know that you desire this, and we ask that you allow us to partner with you to accomplish your will. Use us! Help us to be bold, courageous, kind, loving, serving, so that we can reach many for you. In Jesus' name, the only hope of salvation, amen."