Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are zero tolerance policies a good idea?

A recent article highlighted an auction of Michael Vick sports cards that had been chewed up by dogs, an item that went for $7500.

Another politician who had touted family values was caught up in a sex scandal this week, Senator Larry Craig. Republican Senators John McCain and others who called for Craig's immediate resignation were hailed this week in the press.

Because of actions from Michael Vick, Larry Craig, and other high-profile figures, many schools and companies are adopting zero tolerance policies. Any violation warrants an automatic firing. Certainly, the public is tired of hypocrisy, and these fearful policies may help curb behavior.

But again, we are back to enforcement through rules, rather than heart change. And do we really want a zero tolerance society? In a world in which all sin, I suppose that we are for it until we do something wrong and are on the other end of "justice."

Are you for or against zero tolerance policies? Why or why not?