Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Power of a Praying Wife - How this book led to a Spiritual conversation

Today I went into FexEx Kinko's to have bound some copies of Using Your Spiritual Gifts. The woman at the counter, Shaunna, knew exactly what I wanted to have done. She said that "some guy" comes in each week to do this. (Others from the church have gone to have these bound). Here is how our conversation went:

Shaunna: So are you a part of a church or something?
James: Yes--the High Pointe Church of Christ, right up the road. (I describe where it is.)

Shaunna: I need to go to a church. Do you have a Wednesday night service? I work on Sundays.

James. Yes, we do. Are you married?

Shaunna: Yes, I am.
James: We have a class on The Power of a Praying Wife.

Shaunna: I've heard that is a good book. Lord knows I need all of the prayers I can get. (Someone else at the counter said, Me too.) I'll be there Wednesday.

One of the benefits that we have in living in a "Spiritual" culture is that there are many books and films that have religious themes that are very popular. People who do not "go to church" read these books. They are at Barnes & Noble and in the checkout aisle at the grocery store.
Shaunna was familiar with Stormie Omartian's book, The Power of a Praying Wife. See http://www.highpointechurchofchrist.org/womens-bible-study for this study that is being offered at High Pointe. It happens not only to be popular, but also a very good book.

We can use the spirituality that is in our culture to reach out to others. I recommend that Christians carry copies of popular Spiritual books to work and have these lying out on their kitchen counters. These books can spur Spiritual conversations.

What popular books on Christianity or Spirituality do you see in the checkout aisle or elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

At work I see Max Lucado's books on desks all the time. It is a great conversation starter to ask about Max's books.

Anonymous said...

The Shack seems to be omnipresent these days. I read it and it was pretty good.