Monday, September 22, 2008

The kind of visitor you like to see at church

I have not felt well the last couple of days, so I've stayed home to work today. Better than getting others sick.

But I did want to tell you a wonderful story about someone who was visiting with us yesterday at our worship service. Her name is Pamela. She had come in off of the street a couple of weeks ago. She was crying. She had no place to stay. She was trying to find a job, but no one would hire her. So she came to us for help.

There was something very sincere about Pamela. So I put out an email to the church, seeing if anyone might be able to keep her for a few days. One of our wonderful older couple, Bill and Lea, took her in.

On Sunday, there was Bill and Lea, with Pamela with them. She looked great. They had taken her to a beauty parlor and gotten her fixed up. They bought her new clothes. And when she walked into Market Street for an interview, they gave her a job. Without anyone calling ahead or any special treatment.

I was just so thrilled--to see Pamela with us, to see her getting back on her feet, to see God at work, and to see how Pamela was changing us. She was so grateful and glad to be with us.

One of our other couples, John and Sharon, are going to take Pamela in for a week or so. Hopefully soon she will be able to afford a small apartment. Praise God!

I do not know about you, but these are exactly the kind of visitors that I want at church--people who have encountered loving Christians and are there to worship God--no matter what their background or circumstance.

What do you think about Pamela's story?


donnakay33 said...

I was so hoping this lady would find someone to take her in. Someday I hope Kenny and I will be able to do things like this. Thank God for people like Bill and Lea. They are a great team. I thought about this lady during that week after you told her story. You are such a blessing to our church family. Always giving and thinking of others. Thank you for your giving and loving heart. Because of your deep love for people this lady may one day be led to the Lord.
love ya,
donna kay elliott

Anonymous said...

It is much better to give than to receive. There's a lot of lines around like that, but it doesn't mean we believe what we say. Just like practicing what we preach. I also have had a hard time myself giving to others. I always want or feel like I need something first. There are so many hurting people out there. James, I like the direction you are pointing us in. Thanx, for giving us an opportunity to learn what it is to be blessed while giving to others. I appreciate your leadership. Thanx, Marcia