Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take your wife/sweetheart out for Valentine's Day

Just a reminder to all you guys out there--it's Valentine's Day. So take your wife or sweetheart (hopefully you only have one of these, not both) out tonight. Turn off the crackberry. Go out to dinner. Watch a romantic comedy. Light some candles. We actually are celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, but you get the point.


Mr. E said...

My wife was sick on Valentine's Day so we couldn't do much. So instead I took some early birthday present money from my parents and I am using it to book a night at a Bed & Breakfast shortly before Spring Break. I think she will like that a lot.

James said...

Mr. E.,

A good bed and breakfast is always a good choice. Becki and I had a memorable one here. They spoiled us, and it was well worth it.

Making memories is important. And anytime we husbands do something other than just pick up a card at the grocery store right before we come home, our wives are impressed.

Becki and I went to the newly opened Olive Garden in Liberty and then saw "Fool's Gold." The company was great. "Fool's gold" was okay--not terrible, but not great. It is hard to make a pirate film into a great romantic comedy.