Friday, February 15, 2008

Should the church shut down for a week? Lessons from Starbucks

An interesting article came out today stating that Starbucks close down its stores, nationwide, for 3 hours on Tuesday, February 26. See

The reason? Emergency re-training of workers. According to the article, some of Starbucks quality has begun to slip, with automated machines that burn the coffee and workers who are not as fully trained in the past. (While I like Starbucks' specialty drinks and the atmosphere, I often dislike their regular coffee, which does taste burnt to me.)

This got me thinking. Should the church shut down for a week to do retraining for things that we do poorly? How about emergency training for evangelism? How to treat your spouse? How to run the projector? How to greet visitors with a warm welcome? We could worship that Sunday, but shut everything else down that week for this retraining.

What do you think? Would this shut down and retraining be a good thing? What do you think we need retraining in?


Darin L. Hamm said...

James, how are you doing?

It has been a very long time. I can't remember the last. I do remember you singing the Piano Man in a little building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands though.

I am very intrigued by your ministry. Tell me more. I am especially interested in the materials you have produced and your work in the Kansas City area.

Do you have an email?

James said...

Hey Darin. It was great to talk with you yesterday. I'll be sending you an email soon. God bless, and keep in touch.