Monday, February 25, 2008

Only Two Weeks Left

We now have only two weeks left at Liberty. My "Achiever" strength is acting up right now. I have way too much to accomplish and too little time. Too little time to meet with all of our friends and family members. Too little time to finish documenting many of the wonderful stories here at Liberty. Too little time to finish packing. Too little time to finish the prepartory work that I'm doing for High Pointe (such as work on the website, getting a computer, planning for Easter Sunday, etc.).

One thing I am glad of is that I feel that there are people who can carry on a lot of the work which we have been involved in. Matt, one of my friends who is a State Farm rep, is just on fire for God now. On Sunday I interviewed him during my sermon and he shared how he had discovered his Strengths and Spiritual gifts and was now using them for God. He and Kevin will be taking over the advertising/outreach promotion and communication, and they will do a great job.

Today I started an evangelistic Bible study with Eloise's mother, Yyonne, and her neighbor, Sharon. (Yyonne, as you recall, was the one whom I went to see at a funeral in down town Kansas City for her long time friend, Charlie.) Both Yyonne and Sharon are very open. They have been touched by the church here, with their warmth, prayers, visits, and cards. We had a great study, going through the first lesson in the Story of Redemption. Roger, one of our elders, joined us for this study. He will be taking it over next week, as we would not be able to finish. Roger and Judy's son Kyle had played basketball with Eloise's grandson, Hosea, and so there is already a connection there.

Well, I was going to share more, but I'm off to Starbucks. Matt is joining us, as are a couple of new young adults. Talk with you soon!