Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting Out of the Christian Bubble

In his book, They Like Jesus But Not the Church, Dan Kimball speaks of the "Christian bubble" that the vast majority of Christians live in. Here is what he says:

"During this phase, we stop praying daily for those who don't know Jesus and instead pray for our church's latest building project or latest program. Other than maybe at an office Christmas party that we have to go to, we rarely ever hang out with non-Christian firends or go to moview with them. For the most part, only Christians are in our circle of peers.

We begin buying little Christian stickers or put metal fish symbols on our cars, and we even have a few Christian T-shirts. We set our radios only to our favorite Christian radio shows, and most of the music we listen to is Christian. We make a trip to the amustement part that has the special Christian day each year featuring Christian bands.

We find ourselves regularly used Christian words and phrases and cliches, such as backsliding, prayer warrior, fellowship, quiet time, traveling mercies. The transformation is complete. We have become citizens of the bubble."

This description is no exaggeration. It accurately describes the lives of most Christians. We must get out of this bubble, and be the kind of people that hang out with non-Christians, love them, befriend them, get to know them on a real level. This can't happen in a Christian cocoon.

Do you think most Christians live in a Christian bubble? How can this change?