Wednesday, July 04, 2007

At the Beach

Here are a few pictures I made up from our time at Ventura Beach. These are low-resolution pictures, but the originals on these are simply stunning. Many of these will make for great background slides for ministry, but a lot of them will probably end up framed in our house.


Jeff and Sendy said...

Hello James,
Found your link through 7 Pillars. We are now living about 45 min or so away from Liberty! Love these pictures, great job. I also just saw the flyer for VBS. I've been wanting to take at least Jo to one but haven't been successful at finding one. I'd love to come that way! Hopefully we can see you all when you get back!
May God be with you in your travels!

wanderingellimac said...

love the photos. love the beach.

James said...

Hi Jeff and Sendy. Great to hear from you! We would love to have you come for VBS and to see you guys and your kids.

Hope to talk with you soon.


James said...

Thanks, Julia. Ventura Beach was the best, I thought--peaceful, not too crowded, and beautiful. A healing experience.