Saturday, June 16, 2007

Do mission and you get a church

I wanted to give a caution for the previous post. The sending action of the church is primary, and it is through this mission that all else is achieved.

This is what I mean. The church is called to go out into the world and 1) seek and save the lost; 2) proclaim the good news; and 3) serve. When it goes out and does this, then it makes possible everything else it is called to do. Jesus called his disciples to follow him, and it was on the road that they were shaped into his image. The Sermon on the Mount happened on their missional journey. As they journeyed together, they bonded with one another. Mission enables discipleship, fellowship, and brings glory to God.

Those involved in our Starbucks outreach have gotten a glimpse of this. Our mission is to engage non-believers in this place, sharing the good news in subtle ways and blessing the lives of those who come and those who work there. Those involved in this mission have grown very close, and it is a time we very much look forward to. We are excited about those outside the church who have come and are now a part of the group. As we have met, we also have been shaped--learning to be respectful, being patient with one another, and praying for our times together.

When you do mission, you get a church. If you try to "do church"--sitting around--you never get to mission.


The Queen: said...

Preach it!!!!
I love our Starbucks group and I look forward to it more than anything except the discipleship group that I meet with on Wednesday. It is great too!

I find the conversations, the sharing of thoughts and opinions regarding the text to be stimulating and introspective. I think the diverse group of people keep the ideas flowing. People are sharing how God works, how they struggle with a belief in God AT ALL, or how they came TO BELIEVE after living a life in rebellion. It is exciting!!! I am thrilled to be a part of it.

James said...

Cynthia, it is exciting, and being around those who are at different stages in the Christian journey helps our faith as well.

You are a big part of this group. You really have found your niche.