Saturday, June 09, 2007

Coming Back from West Texas

Hey guys. I'm sitting in the airport in Midland, Texas, about to fly back to Oklahoma City. There we will meet my parents, pick up our kids, and drive back to Kansas City and preach tomorrow (on the Lordship of Jesus). I'm tired already!

We had a good time with my aunt and uncle and cousin out here. They live in exurbia--those big country estates outside the outer suburban ring.

This kind of living has its appeal for Americans who love their space. In fact more than 60 million Americans now live in exurbia. But this kind of living is also very isolating and lonely. I lived in an exuban area until I was 14. Our country estate was nice, but I missed having friends. I wonder how the church can connect to those living in these areas.

I've been without email access for a week now, and for some reason, I can't access it right now either. So if you guys have sent me messages and I haven't responded, this is why.

Check back in with you on Sunday or Monday.


The Queen: said...

It's good to have you back. TX is a great place to visit... :)

I think vacations are great because they recharge your batteries, help change perspectives, and give you a chance to re-evaluate things. I am ready to take another one!

James said...


It's always good to leave for a few days, and then it always good to be back.

I am looking forward to my class and then vacation time out in Pasadena that is coming up. I'll also be doing a missional church seminar out there for the Glendale Church of Christ.