Saturday, August 01, 2009

PIctures of my wrecked car

Just to commemmorate it, here are some pictures of my wrecked car. As most of you know, a car pulled out in front of us last week. It was Friday, July 24, 2009, at about 5:45 PM, and Becki and our girls were in the car. We were headed down Virginia street going east, about to go under HWY 75, when a teen and her boyfriend turned left in front of us. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, though I've been dealing with some back and neck pain.

The car was totalled, as you would expect from these pictures. Unfortunately, it is unlikely we'll be able to get anything near what the car was worth. It was a 1996 Honda Accord in excellent condition, with relatively low miles, leather seats--and it was paid for. We will have to pay more to get anywhere close to this.

I was just thinking the other day how great it was to have two cars that were paid for. Looks like I need to eliminate these positive thoughts next time to avoid jinxing myself!

Any thoughts on where to get another similar type and condition of Honda? What tips do you have on getting a good settlement for the car with the insurance company?


Anonymous said...

Was the other car totalled too? Geez, I am glad you guys are ok.

James Nored said...

Yes, I believe the other car--a small pickup--was totalled. Thanks. We are glad everyone is okay too.

Thomas said...

Looks like your car did what it was supposed to do... Priceless!

Cayla Dupont said...

“What tips do you have on getting a good settlement for the car with the insurance company?” - Equip yourself with knowledge! Search on facts and know your rights and and what to receive as compensation, so you'll know what to say and to rebut when discussing the issue.

Cayla Dupont