Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures and Video of Our Coldplay concert

Here is a video (Viva la Vida) and some pictures of the Coldplay concert that we went to on 7-21-09. This was an anniversary gift to ourselves, and it was a great one. The concert rocked!

Becki and I at the Concert

We ran into Regina Irons, now married, and her new husband, at the concert! Regina was in the youth group when I served as a youth minister at Wilshire. She is now teaching music at an inner city school in OKC,

These bouncing yellow balls came out on one of the songs. It was fun!

Pictures of the crowd!

Ron and Diane O'Neal--came to the concert too! Ron is a shepherd at High Pointe.

A cool picture of him playing.

The band came out into the audience, not far from us!

Magic fingers at work!
Have you been to a Coldplay concert? Do you listen to them? What are your thoughts?


Kirk said...

Viva la Vida has become one of Ellie's favorite songs somehow. I like it too but I don't know any other Coldplay.


James Nored said...

Kirk, Ellie is a hip kid! Coldplay's music is genius.