Thursday, May 14, 2009

Laurie Parkinson baptized tonight!

Here are some pictures of Laurie Parkinson being baptized tonight. Jim and Pam Barr and I have been studying with her for about three months, going through the Story of Redemption. God has used many people and many events to lead her to this point. Dick, the minister below who baptized her, was one of those people. He was present at the hospital when her daughter Katie was paralyzed in a car accident.
I am so excited about Laurie's decision! We will now put together a discipleship group around her using the BELLS/BLESS model, which seeks to imitate the lifestyle of Jesus. Baptism is a new beginning, but not the end of our journey with God. Praise God!

What types of discipleship, post-baptism discipleship groups are you familiar with?


Ross241 said...

Angels are rejoicing, Laurie!! Love you!! Kathryn

Mike said...

I have been excited all day since I got the twitter from James Nored. Looking forward to meeting my new sister. Praise God!