Wednesday, May 06, 2009

High Pointe in the Park

1. May 27 - Samaritan Inn/High Pointe in Your House - This is a night we are hosting baccalaureate for McKinney High School at our church, seeking to use our building in a way that blesses our community. We will be encouraging people to use this night to have a nonchurched friend or neighbor into their home, or to go out with them to do something fun. We are also working on having a group that will go over the Samaritan Inn, a local homeless shelter, and share a meal and serve this group that evening.

2. June 3 - High Pointe in "Habitat Park" - High Pointe is sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity build this year, thanks to our congregation's generous giving towards outreach. There is a park right beside all of the Habitat homes in McKinney that we will go to on this evening. We will fellowship and invite the Habitat families to join us for a free meal.

3. June 10 - High Pointe with . . . - Okay, this one is still being planned and is not yet finalized. But I'm excited about the people who will put this together and the energy that they will bring to this.

4. June 17 - High Pointe in Your Park - In this week, we will spread out geographically and have small group gatherings in parks all throughout the McKinney and surrounding areas. We will identify some point people in different areas for members to join up with. The goal will again be to invite friends and neighbors to a nearby park or other gathering place and fellowship, have fun, serve, sing, etc. This can also help our members know what other members live in their area, which may lead to the development of some new geographically based small groups.

I'm excited about what God can do when we get out of our building and into the structure and locality of people's lives. The church is on a mission!

Which of these Wednesday nights would you look forward to the most? Which would be most effective in helping us in God's mission?