Thursday, March 12, 2009

My D.min work

I'm taking a class this weekwhich will help me focus my final D.Min paper. I'm beginning to think that I'll really be able to use most of the D.min work that I've done fir this paper. It looks like it might be an evangelistic outreach strategy for High Pointe that uses service, spiritual gifts discovery and use, online social networking, and evangelistic Bible study training.

These are, of course, all things that I'm working on anyway, which is the point of a practical minister degree. Of course, many things could be added to this list, such as church planting, spiritual retreats, motivational sermons, leadership transformation. I just do not know how broad in scope they will let me be.

Another option is to expand upon the spiritual gifts inventory and training manual that I have written. This would be the option I could finish most quickly.

We'll see what develops!

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you reach this goal. I am sure your final project will be great. You are appreciated.

James Nored said...

Thank you!