Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caught in a snow storm

Garth and I are stuck in Tulsa right now, caught in a snow storm. We are hanging out at Panera Bread, waiting for the snow to subside. There are trucks jack-knifed on the highway. Please pray that we ate able to get home tonight safely. I have already been rear ended this weekend!

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JD said...

Brother ... the temp is going to sink below freezing tonight ... not safe on the highways. I'm so sorry you had an accident. I wish we had been able to spend more time together.

jeremy said...

Sorry we weren't able to get together. Our group had lunch at Teds on Saturday, then drove back to KC via Hwy 71. We saw an overturned snowplow on I-44!

Mr. E said...

I hope you made it home soon. My family and I look forward to seeing you again on Easter Sunday! We will be visiting Jamie's family.

We also went to Dynamic Marriage Training with 4 of your Elders. You have a great thing going in your church with this program.

God Bless You and your family and the entire High Point Church