Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Upcoming Speaking Engagement and Seminar

On Sunday after morning worship, I'll be headed to the airport to fly back to Kansas City. Tonight I'll be speaking at an area-wide assembly called "Heartland." Then I'll be giving a Missional Church seminar at the Odessa Church of Christ. See for the seminar sessions. I'll try to keep up the blog during the trip and keep you posted, but it may get busy.

I really love helping churches reach out, so these seminars are very fulfilling. The only thing that I have to watch is being away from my family. Check with you guys soon!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

James- Marc and I are looking forward to worshipping with you tonight, and learning and applying the material. Many say that "knowledge is power." That is not true. It is better stated as "the application of knowledge is power."

God has the power and we all need to plug our cord into the outlet.

Matt B

Anonymous said...

FYI...Do not click on tygogal's comment. It is a spammer or even a virus, I'm not sure.