Saturday, April 05, 2008

How Selfish Are We?

I came across a good article this week on being selfish/selfless. Check out As the author makes clear, it really is hard to have selfless motives.

Why are we so easily self-centered?


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That was definitely an interesting article. Kinda long, though. :)

My opinion on your question: Why are we so easily self-centered? I think it's partially in-born, of course...we have to take care of ourselves to survive. But what he (Pavlina) never mentioned in that article was that our society promotes selfishness. Natural tendency toward selfishness PLUS being innundated from birth with the teaching that selfish is the way to be, equals lotsa selfish people running around.
The good news is that Pavlina was only partially correct with this statement: "People are inherently selfish and cannot be expected to act against their own self interest." In reality, people CAN be taught (by their parents, friends, and eventually can teach themselves) to be more selfless, more serving of others, and yes, even to act AGAINST their own self interests when it's in the best interest of another. People do it all the time. That's great news!
We all can become more giving and serving, and less selfish. But another cool thing about God is that He set it up so that the more you give, the better you feel. I guess He did that to set up a really good vicious cycle. :)

Now look - that's what I get for mentioning that Pavlina's article was kinda long. I went off and typed an essay. - Tara