Monday, October 08, 2007

Unbelievable!--Dallas Cowboys win an example of true grace

I have watched a lot of football games, but I do not think I have seen one like the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills tonight.

Tony Romo, the Cowboys' quarterback, threw 5 interceptions--two that were returned for touchdowns--and lost another fumble. The Bills also returned a kickoff for a touchdown. In short, they did everything possible that they could to win. And yet it came down to Dallas 16, Buffalo 24, with Dallas driving.

Dallas came down the field and scored a touchdown, which made the score Dallas 22, Buffalo 24. So they tried a two-point conversion, but it failed. It looked like the game was over--but no, there was 20 seconds left. So they had time to try an onside kick.

Onside kicks never work--but this one did. And the Cowboys had the ball back with 18 seconds remaining and over 60 yards to go and no time outs. They threw a pass down the middle of the field and it was caught. They were moving down field, spiked the ball--but wait, the referees were reviewing the play. The down field pass was ruled in complete.

Now they had 13 seconds and still over 60 yards to go. They threw two sideline patterns, and now, unbelievably, they had a chance to win the game with a 52 yard field goal try.

They snap the ball, it goes up--it is good! It is good! I am jumping up and down, yelling. But wait. Oh no. Buffalo had called a timeout right before the kick. So they have to kick it again.

The ball is snapped. The rookie kicker, Nick Folk, kicks the ball. It goes up. And it goes through! The Cowboys win! The Cowboys win! The Cowyboys win! For real this time.

I about had a heart attack watching this game. And I have to say, Dallas had no business winning this game. They were outplayed. Out energized. They gave up 6 turnovers. But they won the game.

That my friends, is grace. Grace is when you do not deserve good things, but God gives it to you anyway. Like forgiveness of sins. Like beautiful children. Like a loving spouse. Like a nice home. Like living in the wealthiest country in the world. Like eternal life. Pretty unbelievable, huh?