Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Testimonials on the Missional Church Seminar

Below are a couple of additional testimonials from members at the Ankeny Church of Christ on the Missional Church seminar that I gave there (used by permission, with bold and italics added).

"Thanks for taking the time to come share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with us. I feel that our hearts are truly ready for missional outreach, but we need to know where to start—needed focus. Your message seemed truly tailored to what are striving for.

Personally, I often buy into the misnomer that 'mission' is synonymous with 'foreign,' and that’s where the true mission field is. Not so! Lately, I have felt God tugging me towards our suburbs, no matter how hard I fight against it. I don’t want a cookie cutter lifestyle, full of complacency and material things. God’s church in Ankeny , as well as your seminar, is reminding me that people in the suburbs need saving too (truly, how many of us realize that? Suburbia seems so perfect!) I work in the public relations field for a Fortune 500 company, in a department filled with 'Barbies.' On the outside, life seems to be ideal for these young people, but on the inside they are struggling because they try to fill a spiritual void with professional accomplishment and polished exteriors. Your message reminded me again how lost and lonely people become when they don’t have a relationship with God, and I am seeing my colleagues in a new light.

I carpool to meetings with other board members from Des Moines churches, and we spent half the drive talking about what we could do as a joint church effort in our community. I brought along your powerpoint slides for them to look over, and they all commented that missional focus is exactly what we need in the DM area."

Sarah Bachman
Member at Ankeny Church of Christ
Communications Strategist at a Fortune 500 Company

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for coming up and doing the seminar. We're excited about the ideas you presented. I did not hear one negative comment. We have several who are excited about implementing your evangelistic approach. We have been looking for ways reach the lost and your ideas make sense. We are in the process of setting up a small group now while the enthusiasm is there. We will keep you posted on how it goes. Your knowledge, your enthusiasm for the Lord's work, and your gifted way of presenting it, made it very worthwhile. It is very obvious that God is working through you. May he continue to bless your efforts.

I have set in on a lot of seminars-this is without a doubt the most effective one."

Bob Messer
Elder at the Ankeny Church of Christ