Thursday, November 12, 2009

One of my proudest moments as a father -- maybe ever!

My wife Becki called me at work earlier this week. She usually has something she is thinking about or something she wants my thoughts on. This time she shared with me what my eight year old daughter, Gina, wrote at school on leadership. This is what she said.

10-29-09 Gina Nored 3rd Grade

"If I could be a leader in any area, I would be a Christian leader. I would teach others about god, and try for them to believe in him. I would also tell bible stories, and read memory verses. If there was a bad time, I would try my best to fix it. Also I would make bible classes, and bible studies. I would be just like my dad."

When she read all of but the last sentence, talking about telling others about God, doing Bible studies and Bible classes, I was smiling. But when she said, "I would be just like my dad," I was blown away. I was not expecting these words, and they were powerful. I have to say that it was one of my proudest moments as a father.

It hit me how much our children look up to us. They imitate us--the good and the bad. I'm glad that Gina has had a heart instilled in her for God. If there is nothing else Becki and I can do, that will be a great thing.

Becki said that she read last week that at age 12, kids don't want to be around their parents (or at least they don't share it). She said that we only have 4 years left that Gina will want to be with us, to do things with us all the time. Wow. I need to cherish these years, and continue to try to be the best father I can be.

What are you teaching your children by your life, actions, time, and money?


Casey (Ryann's mom) said...

Wow James. That's incredible. It's amazing how our kids writings at that age is a window into their little hearts and minds.

James Nored said...

Casey, that is so true! Their words at this age are indeed windows into their hearts and minds. It is a blessing from God, isn't it?

Lantz said...

That is powerful!

Praise God that Judges 2:10 is not happening in your family.

Keep up the work of ministering to your family first.

James Nored said...

Thanks you, Lantz. I shall try!

Manual Transmission said...

We all want to be like her dad. I Corinthians 11:1