Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tough economic times hitting professionals too

I just read the CNN news story, From $80,000 a year to eviction: tough times in America. It tells of how high flying executives and upper middle class workers now find themselves with many others like themselves in job fairs.

Another news story tells how a man who lost his job planned and executed a murder-suicide, killing his wife and five children. Rather than not be able to care for them, he tragically decided to kill his family.

This is a time for us to be prayerful for others, and to extend hope to those who are desperate and hurting.

Who do you know that has been affected by the changing economy?


Lantz said...

James it appears that everyone is being affected in the downturn of the economy to some extent. I have read and posted several stories over the last few months about individuals who think the way out is to end everything. We need to continue to be beacons of light because there are people searching for something different. We all need a constant reminder right now of Phil 4 that living with contentment is great gain.

James said...


It is hard to believe that people would think of ending it all because of losing a job, but clearly it is happening. We do indeed need to be a light and message of hope to the world.