Thursday, November 16, 2006

OJ Simpson's "Confession"--Should he find forgiveness?

O.J. Simpson has written a book explaining how if he had killed Nicole Brown Simpson, this is how he did it. There is also an upcoming television interview of Simpson on this.

Can you imagine Simpson's children reading a book in which their father describes in detail how he killed their mother? Either Simpson is a totally insane, sick individual, or he is so wracked with guilt, that he is finding a way to confess. That he got a $3 million book deal out of this seems to point towards the former.

But as twisted as this is, commentators have been calling Simpson "sub-human" or less than human. His actions are abhorrent, but he is still made in the image of God. And that means that he does have value and worth in God's eyes. And forgiveness can be found even for people Simpson. That is the hard to believe truth of the gospel.

What do you think about Simpson and forgiveness?


Anonymous said...

Is there a site to promote a boycott of both this book and TV show?

James said...

I'm sure there is or will be. Of course, the problem with boycotts is that they unfortunately end up giving whatever is being boycotted even more publicity.

MattSmith said...

I agree. Boycotting feeds into controversy, and thats what sells.

Best thing to do with things you dislike or want to go away, is just to ignore them :)